Why am I here?

In 2018, I decided to take the necessary steps to heal from my childhood trauma. While sharing my story, I discovered there are many, many women out there like me...women who were sexually abused as children and have kept “the secret” for far too longmaybe even their entire lives. 

I am on a mission to inspire women to release the shame they have been carrying all these years. It’s not theirs to carry. I want to show women that it’s worth speaking their truths and embarking on the journey to healing. I learned that suppressing bad memories for decades is detrimental to our health. Harboring this secret was manifesting into physical illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr virus, anxiety, and depression, to name a few. I am not a doctor, counselor or therapist. I’m the girl next door who has things to say, just hoping the realness of my words will help other women and reaffirm the fact that they are not alone. My hope is that my blog offers comfort and inspiration to women to become the best version of themselves. I certainly don’t have it all figured out. I am still working on myself, but the twinkle in my eye is slowly coming back, and I’m on the verge of glowing! 

I'm pleased to present, The GLoW Project (for the Greater Love of Women)!  

-  Dyna Gwen

I have set some boundaries for this blog, both for myself and the larger community.

  1. I am still in therapy and in the process of healing; therefore, I plan to only blog when I’m feeling inspired—without being bound to a regular posting schedule.
  2. There are certain subjects and information that I’m not yet willing to discuss publicly.
  3. As you post comments, please be mindful that our community embodies the desire to help others GLoW!
    • Perspectives and authenticity are valued.
    • Honesty, empathy, and compassion are embraced.
    • Positivism and growth are honored.


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