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It Goes Like This

It Goes Like This First off, as a someone who just joined the Twitterverse, I would like to extend a huge thank you to the #WritingCommunity and #VirtualReality community for taking me in as I journey on through the healing process. I am still trying to catch onto all of the group tags, the witty word games, and Twitter lingo you all seem to have. Plus, I’m super behind in following through on my #writerslift, but I will make my way to you.  Now, directly onto the serious stuff because nobody likes a wordy blog...I wanted to try and keep my posts upbeat, but let’s be real, healing is painful (and also worth it!).  The fact is, I’ve become extremely sad for humanity lately and how we exist on this planet. Nobody told me that becoming a parent would trigger things from my own childhood trauma and fill me with bitterness, rage, and fear that spews in every direction. Nobody told me that raising a child would crack my heart so far open with love that my eyes would bulge from my head seeing