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Into the ethers

The joke among writers is…the worst part about being a writer is you spend more time thinking about writing than actually writing. My trouble is that I have writing scattered all over the place. Different notebooks, my Remarkable e-notebook, the notes app on my phone, and my computer. It kind of used to stress me out thinking how I was going to someday organize all of it and then realized it doesn’t ever have to be organized if I don’t want to be. Some thoughts just need to get out on paper in the moment, and that serves its purpose. I can choose to literally burn all this paper, and let my words vaporize with the wind for the universe to transcribe. That’s where I’m at…ready to remove old energy and old perspectives and digitally delete what once was.  I’m choosing to start new, building off of life’s latest experiences. I’m not so sure a blog is the answer but we shall see.  Until next time, love and light to all my supporters and fellow trauma warriors. ✨🙏🏻💕