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To be me or not to be me?

I must attribute this next entry to a colleague, Mark T., who said at the conclusion of a project management course, “My goal this year is just to become more authentic.” It really stuck with me because that is exactly where I am in life, four years later. To offer up a little background, I have “self-started” online a few times under a couple different personal brands with the hope I would find a reason to write. I first started off as a young careerist at a time when I was on the Purdue Alumni Club of Phoenix board and the board for Business and Professional Women. I signed up on Blogger and made one post in 2011 where I shared the PACP newsletter and the BPW brochure that I had designed. That went nowhere. In 2015, I sparked up an Instagram account as the life of a law firm marketer, business development coach for attorneys, and new mom sharing a compilation of trends, all things retail, and positive energy. I made 30 posts. In 2016, I discovered a newfound love for cooking and star